Private Same Day $275

Our Private Same Day Cremation is what we have been offering for almost 20 years. This cremation is performed the same as would be for a person. 100% privately. Only your pet is placed in the entire crematory. Their ashes will be swept out and placed inside a dark wood urn, labeled, inside a velvet urn bag with embroidered Rainbow Bridge poem. *Engraving is $50 extra.

The Cremation will take place immediately, the same day as your pet is brought into our care. If started early enough in the day, the ashes can also be picked up that same day. (Price is per pet, regardless of their size).

Semi Private $165

Our Semi Private cremation is an option where up to 3 other pets share the same crematory. They are spaced out and separated by spacers and their ashes are swept out separately and placed in their own container. We perform semi private cremation a couple times a week outside our regular business hours. We will call you as soon as the ashes are ready to be picked up. This can take up to 7 days.

During that time, your pet will be labeled and placed inside our human size and rated refrigeration unit. (All types of pets under 40 lbs. $165, all types of pets over 40lbs. $195) – Ashes are placed inside a white plastic cube container with a label.

Simple Cremation - Starting at $85

Our Simple Cremation is an option for both budget and those not wishing to get their pets ashes back. There will be several pets safely inside the crematory at a time. There will not be dividers to keep any ashes separate. With Simple Cremation, the ashes will be scattered on forested land on private property in northern MN.

(All types of pets under 40lbs. $85, all pets over 40 lbs. $105)

XXL Pets over 100 lbs. $275

Your pet will be cremated privately, as soon as possible. Pets this large present extra challenges and we aren't able to cremate them with our semi private or simple options. The ashes would come back in our dark wood urn, same as our fully private cremation.

If you plan to bring in an XXL pet, please let us know in advance so that we can be as prepared as possible. Should more than one staff member be needed on an XXL transport, additional fees for extra staff may apply.

Transportation $100

If you would like our staff to transport your pet from your home or clinic back to our facility for cremation, the cost is $100 for anywhere within 30 miles of us. If farther than that, add $5 per mile. A staff member will arrive in a silver mini van, equipped with different sized pet stretchers and supplies to make the process simple. In cases of extremely large dogs, help on site will be needed.

As much advanced notice is helpful so that we can be at your home or clinic as soon after you have said goodbye. *Transportation is limited to our normal business hours*

Euthanasia In Home or at Pet Cremation Services from $320

A licensed veterinarian will come to your home and euthanize your pet in the privacy and comfort of your home. The procedure is extremely compassionate, performed by vets with big hearts. You may use our Family Room for the euthanasia if you prefer it performed here instead of your home. *This service requires advance notice, scheduling and prepayment to assure availability. **Transportation is not included in the veterinarians service.

Euthanasia at Pet Cremation Services office $320. Euthanasia at your home anywhere within 20 miles of our location $350. Euthanasia at your home 20+ miles from our location from $450. -- The veterinarian does not provide transportation of your pet back to our location, they are based in the field and go in all directions after each appointment. You may transport your pet directly to us following the euthanasia at home, or we can send a staff member with stretchers designed for pets in our work van for an additional fee.

Urns: A mahogany wood urn is included, other urns are available starting at $40.00

We have a large selection of pet urns in various sizes, necklace pendants and other memorials. See our products page.

Engraving: $50.00 per side – Applique $35.00 – Customize an urn with Engraving and an applique.

Mailing of ashes $25